Web Content Filtering services

Distraction is the death of productivity, and the internet is full of distractions – but with Fivenines’ content filtering services, you can minimise these distractions and keep your staff focused on work activities.

Having a policy in place to lay out your company’s rules regarding internet usage in work hours is one thing, but you need the tools to back it up. Web content filtering allows you to:

  • Fully manage and control employees’ internet usage
  • Block access to sites that create a personal distraction and/or pose a potential virus/malware risk, such as:
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc)
    • Personal email
    • Gambling
    • Pornography
    • Games
  • Set usage by individual computer/user if required
  • Change settings and adjust your black/white lists quickly and easily

But what if a site is blocked and your team member genuinely needs to access it? Don’t worry – when they visit the site and receive a ‘blocked’ message, they have the option to request authorisation, which can be granted within minutes of receipt.

Web Filtering

Benefits of our web filtering services

According to National UK Statistics, non work-related website use costs businesses an average of £25.92 per week, per employee.

Our web filtering services will represent a tangible ROI, plus these additional benefits too:

  • Fully tailored content filtering services
  • Enforces web usage policies
  • Reduces security/virus risks and threats
  • No hardware required
  • Complete control
  • Full support included in annual subscription

If you’d like to increase productivity and save your business money, pick up the phone and call us on 0113 201 2130 to learn more about what our web content filtering services can do for you!